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Hydra is a simple and fast EOSIO smart contract test and execution environment. With Hydra you can quickly create and execute test cases without needing to maintain and run a local blockchain. All within minutes.

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Inspect is a code analysis platform for developers and test teams. Inspect makes finding bugs and vulnerabilities in your EOSIO smart contracts easy to do within your development workflow. Giving you peace of mind before you deploy on chain.

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Meet the team

Moti avatar
Moti Tabulo
Founder & CEO

Block One contractor, Entrepreneur First alumnus, co-founded 4M Wireless and helped grow it to 55 people and acquisition by u-blox. 20 years in SW R&D and product management. PhD EE.

Christoph avatar
Christoph Michel
Senior SW Engineer

Wrote the 1st book on EOSIO programming, performed security audits for EOSIO DApps. 10 years full-stack programming experience. MSc CS & Theoretical Cryptography.

Christoph avatar
David Morgan
SW Security Research Engineer

Keen eye for identifying vulnerabilities, and reverse engineering binaries. 4+ years experience finding hard to reach bugs. 10+ years finding, and exploiting vulnerabilities in gaming consoles.

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