Security Research Engineer

We make tools that help our customers secure their blockchain dApps from malicious actors. It will be your job to conduct research into smart contract security vulnerabilities/exploits, document them and then develop scalable ways to identify them in our customer's code using our security analysis tools. You will occasionally also share your expertise with others through blog posts and exploit proof of concepts.

You should be fluent in one or more programming languages, understand program analysis and be able to demonstrate talent for software security work. That could be either commercially, academically or through personal work like participating in bug bounties, CTFs or security audits. Ideally you also have some experience developing blockchain smart contracts (e.g. EOS, Ethereum, TRON etc) and understand their security considerations.

We often encounter vulnerabilities that can have a large impact on our customers or other projects. When we do, we disclose it responsibly and work with them to resolve it. We take the ethics of what we do very seriously and hope that you share the same ethos.

We're a fully distributed team and believe in working in a place that is most effective for you.

Sounds like we could be a match?

Here's what you'll need to do next:

  1. Send an email to with a paragraph on how CFGs can be used for detecting bugs. Also include:
    • A CV or LinkedIn profile,
    • And a link to one or more of: github, stackoverflow, personal website, blog and/or Phrack article you've written.
  2. We'll arrange to have a 30 minute call during which we'll explore your background and mutual fit.
  3. Assuming everything is fine then we'll have a longer call to discuss a technical topic in depth.
  4. And finally, if we're both happy, then we'll hire you for a week as a paid contractor so that we can see what it’s like working together.