At Klevoya we already provide a free version of our Hydra EOSIO smart contract test environment. Hydra allows you to quickly run unit tests, without requiring a local development node and easily integrate your tests within a CI/CD environment. Developers using Hydra have seen a significant improvement in the time they need to develop their smart contract test suites.

Speed improvement

But what if your current Hydra test suite takes too long to execute?

To solve that we now offer a premium service; Hydra Advanced which (depending on your location) can give you a 3-5x speed-up in the time to execute your tests.

You can sign-up for Hydra Advanced here.

vRAM support

vRAM by LiquidApps is an alternative memory solution for EOSIO developers building blockchain dApps that is RAM-compatible, decentralized, and enables storing & retrieving of potentially unlimited amounts of data affordably and efficiently.

Developing and testing of vRAM enabled smart contracts is not easy as it requires setting up and running a local DSP node which is even more complicated than running a regular EOSIO node.

Today we are pleased to announce that Hydra supports vRAM, all through the same easy interface that developers are used to.

To see how you can integrate vRAM into your smart contract tests check out these examples in the Hydra documentation.

For further details and support with these features then join the discussion.